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In an increasingly stressful and complex world, do you feel as though your life is often stuck on “automatic pilot”? Life can seem to swirl by us at the speed of light, leaving us feeling depleted and defeated, a mindless, exhaustive wheel that just seems to spin around and around. Chronic stress leads to a variety of health challenges and also leaves us vulnerable to anxiety, depression and isolation from the people and experiences we love most.
new headshotNo matter how challenging your circumstances, I am here to offer you hope. Though not meant for everyone as a panacea or cure-all, mindfulness offers a pathway for reclaiming your life and a sense of connectedness with what you most cherish in life.

Choosing to consider the possibility that life could be more joyful and fulfilling is a big step. My intention is to offer you information on this website to learn more about mindfulness based interventions and stress reduction workshops. I also hope you will have a sense of who I am and how I may be of some assistance to you along this path.

Please be in touch with me if you have questions after carefully reading the content of these website pages. You’ll find more information about mindfulness, a short guided audio practice I designed just for you, and details regarding the mindfulness based programs I teach in southwest Michigan.

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About “Mindful Michigan”

Dr. Lori Gray is a licensed counseling psychologist and specializes in mindfulness based interventions, including group and individual instruction in mindfulness practices.  Her intention is to offer resources for creating emotional health and relief from the negative impact of stress.


  • Mindfulness based training and consultation for health issues such as managing chronic illness, chronic pain, cancer recovery and healthy weight loss through the development of mindful eating skills.
  • Classes, workshop and other special events to teach mindful living and strategies to reduce stress, reconnect with yourself, engage in living fully and empowering you to cope and live well within the storm of daily challenges.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). This 8 week course is a highly specialize, intensive group seminar series, taught for over 30 years across the globe and supported by extensive research.
  • Customized, individual consultation and mindfulness training anywhere you live via Skype, Facetime or the old fashioned telephone.

Just take that first small step. I am here to support you. I wish you well.